Effective April 1, 2016 we are now “The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business” with an expanded Pan African mandate!


This expansion to a pan-African mandate follows a comprehensive strategic completed in late 2015.


Over time we hope to become as relevant to all of Africa as we have been to both South and Southern Africa for the last twenty-two years, a daunting but very exciting challenge. Our strong and engaged membership, our friends, reputation for great events and top level networking together with our established programs, international recognition and our substantial database should help us succeed as we move forward on this path.


You can expect changes over the coming months with new branding, new programs and new opportunities to do business with Africa.

Indaba 2016, our 15th Annual event in this high profile series, will be the official announcement and celebration of our new focus. It is a “do not miss” event for those doing or interested in doing business in Africa. Our current proposed date is September 29th so please hold that date. During the day we are holding our 2nd Infrastructure Day, that is firm and details will follow.


The strategic changes is consistent with the evolution of South Africa’s own role as a gateway to the continent as a whole according to founding member, first and current Chair, Stephen Pincus, partner at Goodmans LLP.  " Most important, our expanded focus will enable us to serve all our members, stakeholders and partners even better than in the past, and to assist our friends throughout Africa who are seeking to do business, make investments and raise capital here in Canada.All this, without diluting the strength of our franchise relating to Southern Africa, which will be reflected in the new byline of The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business, which will be: “incorporating the Canada Southern Africa Chamber of Business.”