Calling Canadian Business Owners

to Become e-Mentors for a Tanzanian business


CUSO International developed the Tanzania Local Enterprise Development (T-LED) Project to provide training, financing and e-mentoring to grow Tanzanian SMEs in the agribusiness and extractive resources sectors.


CUSO is calling on Canadian businesses, established for 5+ years, to participate in this unique mentoring exchange opportunity. 


Expected time commitment: 

  • 1 time/week in the first month, then 1 time/2 weeks for 2 months, then 1 time/3 weeks for 9 months.
  • The e-mentoring experience will take place between end September 2017 to early August 2018.


For more information on T-LED and the incentive to participate,

contact Daria Smeh: or 647-522-3432